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"JICE Online Nihongo Lesson" is a Japanese lesson service which you can take online.
Anyone who lives in Japan can enroll. Why don't you start studying Japanese with JICE! 


❶ Professional native Japanese instructors

Instructors who present the course are all professional Japanese lecturers who've passed JICE's high standard recruitment criteria. You will find these lessons are of high quality, taught by experienced instructors.

❷ You can study anywhere

Because we use "Zoom", you can take the lessons no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection and either of PC, smart phone or tablet (within Japan only).

❸ Depending on your native  language (there is a language supporter in each course) 

We organize separate courses depending on your native language. A language supporter is there in every lesson to support you. So any questions you may have can be answered in your language. So even if this is your first time studying Japanese, you can attend with peace of mind! 

What you need for the lesson

You only need these 5 essential items!

✔  Internet connection
✔ Ether of PC, smart phone or tablet
✔ Ear buds with a microphone or head set

✔ Textbook (charged separately)


✔ Zoom application (free)


Japanese you can use from tomorrow A

1 course (15 times)

Tuition fee

¥16,500(inc tax)

※Pay in full or pay in two installments (¥8,900(inc tax) x 2) is available

※Cost of a textbook ¥930(inc tax)and shipment fee ¥370(inc tax) will be charged separately. 

Course contents

This is a short term, entry level Japanese language course where first time learners can learn very useful skills for life in Japan.

Based on the concept of obtaining grammar skills while chatting in the class, the course curriculum is aimed at improving your conversation skills whilst having fun. With the textbook you purchase for this course, you can also study in your own time.

There is a native language interpreter (support person) in each class so if you have questions, you can ask her in your native language. Even if you are new at learning Japanese, you can participate with peace of mind.

Repeating conversation practice and acquiring useful expressions.

Curriculum (1 lesson 1 hour x 15 times)

Lesson Number

Lesson Title

Contents (goal)



-being able to do general greetings
-being able to read numbers


Introduce yourself

-being able to talk about your own country, family, work and so on 


About my day

-being able to talk about your daily activities


-being able to talk about what you have eaten and drunk, and your favorite food.

Is work fun?

-being able to speak your opinion or listening to others about work or food. 


Where is it?

-being able to introduce the town you Live in. 
-being able to ask how to get to your destination



-being able to talk about holiday trips


Things what you want and what you want to do

-being able to talk about what you want to do such as what you want to buy, where you want to go and so on.


One year in Japan

-being able to talk about yearly events in Japan and your country.


Things I like

-being able to talk about things and items that you like.


When you get sick

-being able to describe about your health condition to a doctor or medical staff.


Family and friends

-being able to introduce someone important to you such as your family or friends.



-being able to ask about the size, color and/or price of the clothes which you want to buy.


Lost property

-being able to report about the items that you have lost.
-being able to describe about features of items



 review from 1 to 14

Available courses



『にほんごこれだけ! 1』

Publisher : coco publishing

You can see some sample pages of the textbook here

[Nihongo koredake!] support site (in Japanese)

JICE will organize the textbook and send it to your designated address. The cost and shipment fee need to be paid with the tuition fee.

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