After you complete the application, you will receive a notice of payment by email within one week. Once your payment is complete, you will be recognized as a course participant. (You can cancel your application before the payment is processed, but not afterwards.) Paying in full or paying in two instalments are the only available options.

Please agree to the terms of use before starting the application process. Click here to see the terms of use. 

The following are the specific contents of the terms of use which may need to be confirmed.

1.To attend the course, you are required to purchase a designated text book.(You need to pay for the text book and the shipment fee. The cost of the text book is to be paid with tuition fee. JICE will send it to the address on your application.)

2.Internet connection fees and the cost of a computer and/or electronic devices for taking this course will be borne by applicants/course participants. 
3.JICE will not take any responsibility if course participants fail to attend lessons due to their mobile data usage.

4.After course payment has been made there will NO refunds of any kind. This includes the textbook and shipment fees. In addition, NO refunds or make up lessons can be given due to a course absence.

5.About our handling of personal information(Please read the following.)

About Our Handling of Personal Information


Secretary –General/

Personal Information Protection Manager

Japan International Cooperation Center

At Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), we take every precaution to ensure your personal information is handled properly. JICE does not offer the information to third parties without approval of the person concerned.We thus ask for your consent in providing us with your personal information based on an understanding of the matters outlined below.

We wish to collect personal information from you at this time in order to engage in the following operations. The personal information we obtain from you will not be used for any other purpose.

(1)    Operations of the online Japanese training program.

(2)    Providing information and invitation of the online Japanese training program and some other programs which are operated by JICE such as international training, supporting to accept international students, international exchange, multicultural coexistence programs and so on.


We may outsource the following operations related to the handling of personal information.

Due to using an application form on the website, we consign the collected personal information to the website creating agency.

Due to using paper-less payment in a convenience store, we consign the collected personal information to the receiving agency.


You may or may not wish to provide us with your personal information at your discretion. Therefore, in case of the refusal to provide all or part of the required personal information during the application process of the online Japanese training program, this may affect us to make fair decisions.

All registrants who provide us with personal information have the right to make a request to receive a notification on our intended use of your personal information, disclose or amend your personal information, add or remove items from your personal information, delete or suspend the usage of your personal information altogether, or not share your personal information with a third party. If you wish to make such a request concerning your personal information, please contact us on the following phone number or email address.

Personal Information Inquiry Office

General Affairs Department

Japan International Cooperation Center

TEL 03-6838-2702weekdays 9:3012:3013:3017:30 (The ★ symbol needs to be replaced to the @ symbol to send an email.)

As mentioned above, do you agree with the terms of use and our handling of personal information?