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About lessons

What kind of Japanese do I study?

You can study essential Japanese for your life in Japan. You will mainly practice every day expressions aiming to grow your conversation skills.

About the teachers?

Instructors who present the course are all professional Japanese lecturers who've passed JICE's high standard recruitment criteria. 

I don't know much Japanese at all. Can I still take the course?

Sure you can! We organize separate courses depending on your native language. And there is a language supporter in every lesson, so she can support you when you have trouble understanding anything.

Can I ask questions in my native language?

Yes, you can. You can ask questions to the language supporter person in your mother tongue.

About applications

What do I need for the lesson?

Following 5 items: Internet connection, Ether of PC, smart phone or tablet, Ear buds with a microphone or head set, Textbook (sold separately), Zoom application (free).

Can married couples attend the lesson together?

Yes, a couple can attend together. However a separate application is required for each person.

My native language is Vietnamese. But I can speak Chinese. Can I take the course? 

Yes, you can. If you understand Chinese, you can attend a course with an Chinese language supporter.

I am currently attending a University. Can I take this course too?

Yes, you can.

Can kids attend the lesson?

There is no age requirement to attend the course. If the contents are what you want to learn, you can enroll. However if the applicant is under 18 of age, consent of parent or guardian is required. 

About the online system and course policy

I'm not used to the "Zoom" application. Is the tuition fee refundable if I can't connect to Zoom?

There is NO refund available even if you can't manage how to use Zoom. We recommend you to try the Zoom test site. Please confirm if you could connect to Zoom before you apply for this course.

The test site URL is here.https://zoom.us/test

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Can I join the lesson from a smart phone or tablet?

If you can connect to Zoom from those devices, you can attend the course.

Is there anybody I can ask if I have trouble connecting to Zoom?
There is a supporter person in each course. If you have anything unsure about Zoom, the supporter can help you in your native language. 
Can I get a refund in case of absence? Or are there any make up lessons?

NO refunds or make up lessons can be given due to a course absence. However, there is a service where you can watch video footage of the lesson you have missed.

Can I get refund if I stop taking the course?

There will NO refunds of any kind.

Can I watch the lesson?

No you can't.

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